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Re: whatsapp and problem

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An aged female friend and myself have long been communicating by telephone in the mornings to ensure that we are both still kicking. A sort of alarm system set up to be able to offer some sort of help should there be no reply.
Since autumn we've gone over to WhatsApp, a simple voice message to say 'I am still here' sort of thing.
It started off well, but within the past weeks there have been delays of up to 4-5 hours until the message gets through. This causes each of us to have to revert to the telephone if no message is received before 9 o'clock. This isn't an everyday occurrence but happens about every three days.
I simply wonder if this is normal. I'm with sunrise.

Any suggestions or information is welcome.
Its also possible that only one phone is the problem.

Try deleing the "cache" on both phones. If that does not help then do a back up and reinstall WhatsApp on both phones.
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