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Re: db noooooooooo!!!!!!

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I know this is JUST an online forum, and I had only ever met a couple of members IRL, and I admit that I am no longer a very active participant as I left CH several years ago, but this makes me really, really sad, especially when coupled with the loss of several other long-standing members who deleted in the past several days.

Heartfelt thanks to those forum veterans who have left recently; you know who you are and hopefully you will see this. I know I speak for many others in saying that you will be greatly missed in this place.
It's a great shame. But the toxicity on here at times is just awful. Complaints and requests have been made to help turn the tide, but they have been ignored, ridiculed, twisted out of shape, insulted and shut down. Leaving makes a great deal of sense, sad as it is.
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