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Re: Pre-employment Screening process

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It is wrong that all have asshole. There is a type of disease people do not have asshole as a birth defect. In the past, these people surely died.

It is also wrong that gender ratio is 50:50. Not to mention transgender surgery..

For one to feel embrassed with the test, it is totally personal. Who tells you someone is "so uptight about it"? Where/How did you see it?

Lets say 99.9 % then and by the way, Transgender people keep their own assholes as born with

As for calling me a pervert because i can talk about something perfectly normal and so absolutely common probably describes you rather than me.

Their is nothing that can be construed as "perverted" by talking a bout such things, possibly not talking about then is a greater form of perversion as it quite often leads to terminal illness
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