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Re: Electrical wiring - routing in a concrete house built in the 70s

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I was an electrician a long time ago. Back before health and safety was really a big thing. Lost count of the amount of shocks I got, thrown off my feet, whole body clenched, falling off ladders after touching live stuff. It kinda became routine and almost funny, attaching meggers to things, giving people shocks etc.

Until one day a guy died, he walked into a bare cable hanging from the ceiling, it wasn't even connected but according to the investigation, it had built up a huge static charge, MICC cable, couple hundred meters long.
Electrician since mid 80's and same here. Till I in the 90's got stuck for some seconds between 2 different 25A phases. According to people on the same floor I screamed like a pig that got killed, lost control of my Blatter so wet my pants and it took some hours before my heart was back to normal rhythm. Just was lucky the main flow did not pass my heart else it be the end of it. After that I got deep respect, and only once more got a big bang on my hands due to a guy from another technical company who simply removed my warning signs and put the fuse back in while I was working on it. Chased him through half the factory but got to beat him up, after which he complained..., his boss gave him another punch and instantly fired him.

I've had it with "just touch it and you'll know.."
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