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[Zurich] Garage Cleaning for MFK... Was I just unlucky?

Hi, I'm an expat living in Zurich, Wiedikon area, and I have a Renault from 2011. I received the letter for the regularly scheduled MFK. I knew the car was OK, but since I need to find a garage I can trust for future repairs, I decided to find one closeby.

First, I searched this forum and I picked one which I saw recommended,

I go there, nice and friendly people, I leave the car one day and pick it up the day after. They cleaned it and there was a non-working lightbulb that they replaced. On the way back home I hear a new, strange noise from a wheel bay, but I didn't bother.

The first try at the MFK didn't go well because the garage didn't spot that one of the springs of the dampeners was actually broken (but this was *not* the noise I was talking about). So I had to go to the garage again, where they recommended me to change both springs at this point.

I go to pick up the car again, they changed the springs and said that they noticed that one of the dampeners (not the one with the broken spring, the other one) got somehow a bit loose (this is where the noise comes from). They say it's not going to give me troubles at the MFK this time, since I already passed that test, but maybe I want to have it fixed in the near future.

(I am a bit pissed, I assume they made it loose accidentally the first time they prepared the car, but never mind)

The second time the car passes the MFK and I am happy.

Until I receive the bill.

Cleaning chassis and engine bay, MFK diagnosis, lamp and springs replacement: almost 1'100 CHF.

I do not want to jump to conclusions, maybe I was just unlucky. I have three questions:

1) Is this a normal price for the Zurich area in 2020?

2) Would you say that a garage that misses a broken spring and loosens a dampener by mistake is still trustworthy? Was I just unlucky?

3) Given that the next step I need is a major operation on the car (fixing dampener, changing engine belt, water pump, oil and filters), do you recommend going there again?

Thanks for your feedback
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