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Re: Coming out from my debt or filing bankruptcy .please help me to find out a soluti

Hi Rexan,

Thanks for sharing your situation with us, seeking help is the first step to getting control of your life once again. I am a former insolvency practitioner and I have dealt with several people in your situation and I understand it is a terrible situation to find yourself.

The first thing to address is your health, in my experience most people in your situation can benefit by visiting your doctor and discussing how you are feeling with them. They can usually prescribe something to help you relax, sleep etc. A good nights sleep can make things seem much better, so visit your doctor and if you don't have one, visit the walking doctors at Zurich main station (

The next thing to do is get some advice on your debt situation, so go visit these guys: SOS Debt - Debt Counselling. Since we know nothing about how you accumulated such debt, I'n not going to say anything beyond saying that it seems strange that a B permit holder managed to rack up so much debt unchecked. So without raising false hopes, I think this organisation may be able to help you deal with this situation.

And the bottom line - your health is most important, if it becomes all too much after this, pack your bangs and go home to your wife - there really is not much they can do about your debts if your are no longer on the continent.

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Hello all.

im sorry ,if the topic is not allowed please delete them ADMINS .

i want to tell a small intro about me here , im rexan living in winterthur and working. i have B residence permit ,and im from Asia.

badly i have got around 60 000 Fr debt . and im working now and paying amount to betreibungsamt . but still i have high amount , im really feeling bad and im having high depression ,i have no interest to eat or sleep or live .i feel like , everything push me to end of my life .im married , my wife is not in Switzerland , but i want to bring her here ,but it is not possible ,because of my debt in betreibungsamt .i feel like im almost done in everything .

my last things is try on filing bankruptcy . so please if anyone know about it ,please share with me .

my questions are ,

1. i hold B permit .so what happen if i file bankruptcy for my permit ,will i lose it ?

2. can i bring my wife here if i file bankruptcy ? because im fighting with this problem around 3 to 4 years .but still i have this amount . im married 6 years before ,still we did not live together .im living here and she is not here .

also please share anything you know about bankruptcy in CH .it will help me . thank you .

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