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Terrified going to the new job


this could qualify as a Friday post, but is a 5am Sunday one instead ��

Just started a rather basic, but full intensity job little over two weeks ago and at this point I'm certain I want and need to leave.

The reason being, I'm genuinely terrified going to work and in those two weeks of working here, my overall health went from fantastic (past 30 years) to deteroating on daily basis to the point neighbors/friends were commenting with concern.

According to the contract, the period of notice is end of the calendar month. That means currently, two more weeks.

My question is, is there a way I can ask for immediate release?

1. Before we drive to several locations, we meet at the office, which caters to smokers. As a non-smoker spending 0.5-1.5 hours before an actual job in a room of people all smoking is an absolute torture. I'm that person who at the train station walks away from the smoker. So, within minutes I feel nauseous and threw up few times last week.
On the top of it, this waiting/meeting period is unpaid and yes, is mandatory with arrival time firmly set.

2. Then we drive to/from various locations. Bless the driver's heart, but we each day almost hit several pedestrians who are already standing at the crosswalks, children included.
The rights of way are also often not given properly and we are honked at a lot. One of the coworkers litters from the window. The car has a company logo on it. The driver talks vulgar words and profanities how this job sucks during the drives. This driving time is also unpaid.
I feel I'm risking my life each day, it's that bad I cried on Friday as I went to work. Especially seeing small children being almost hit several times past Friday or our small car not yielding to a large vehicle is very very stressful and also makes me physically ill. During the drives my responsibility is to be double checking navi, addresses, names of clients, times, etc.

3. Then we start working at first location and it's finally a paid time.
The coworkers I'm on the team with hate the job and the moment we met they were doing everything to make it difficult for me, including blatantly sabotaging my work as of sending me to wait in the car at the end of each location and undoing some of my work. I've returned to house to ask if I can do anything more, which is how I've found out the first sabotage. They kept being a daily occurance.
They are whispering since first moment, disrespectful to the clients and passive agressive in a rather primitive overt way.
I kept quiet and started taking evidence photos. After two weeks when I ran out of any and all benefits of doubt, I've informed the boss. She thanked me and said from what she seen she is very pleased with the quality of work I'm doing.
She said we all will talk on Tuesday.

But..I'm terrified to work there even another minute. The actual work, although requiring a lot is doable and is as expected.

Any way I can free myself from working there two more weeks and do such in a correct, reasonable manner?

Many thanks for advise.
The Friday crew is welcome, I will laugh with you.
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