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Re: Terrified going to the new job

Thank you, I do have a history of being rather na´ve. Coming from over two decades of freelancing I'm learning bit late how to navigate certain environments.

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This sounds like one of those zero hours cleaning jobs. Meet up at a location, get briefed on what's happening for the day, get driven to the work location - and then you start getting paid. (It was a scenario on Vera on ITV a few weeks ago.)

It's difficult to give any concrete advice as you account is somewhat incoherent, but I suggest that on Monday, instead of going to work, you see a doctor, get signed off work for stress. Once you've got your breath back and some semblance of normality, then look at ways of getting out. Do not trust your employer too much - the way your co-workers behave may be a reflection of the nature of the boss. The fact that you are obliged to effectively do unpaid work in a toxic environment shows already that the boss isn't a good person.
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