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Re: Terrified going to the new job

Thank you, thank you! I was hoping for an advice such yours.

All facts check just as you describe.

I will post here within two or three days and inform how it went.

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Lots of ways to get yourself released promptly in this scenario:

Make a formal complaint about the smoking - the rest of the team will ensure you are allowed to leave immediately.

Refuse to do the checking of the navi etc during the drives - you're not being paid, don't work

Don't turn up for the waiting-around period - you're not being paid, not receiving an on-call / availability allowance

If they insist on presence for the waiting-around period, ask for the schedule on paper, then inform them you require to be paid for this time and that you will be taking it up with your legal insurance. Expecting people to be present 5-10 minutes before the bus leaves is normal, 30 minutes is excessive, 1.5 hours is simply ridiculous.

I know you'll think "they'll sabotage my work"....but they are doing that anyway and you've made your complaint to the manager....and you don't want the job. So worst case, they sabotage some more and you get removed immediately = result! Sure that'll be a pain for the client, but that's on the company if you have made your formal complaint with evidence.

If you are feeling bad about the client, but have the strength (this is not an easy option), go back into the client as the others leave and check the work....the client will be happy, the others unhappy but will be reaping the results of their idiocy.

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