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Re: I understand rules are rules but...

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To EF members, no Miss Marple but I have spent a little bit of time going through the OPs previous posts and they appear to be a bit contradictary. At one point he claims he works in business and has to wear a suit every day. If that is the case would his income only be 2000chf after tax and why is he asking if he is able to get help from the Swiss benefits system?

There is also a post about being caught not paying tram fares and being fined, he says he is unable to do a bank transfer for this as he doesn't know how to (really, someone who works in business?), also he is in the UK at that point but has stated in another post if he goes back to the UK he'll die. I could go on.

To Justin, if you are genuine and have the number of issues you claim, I would suggest perhaps Switzerland is not the best place for you due to the plethora of rules and regulations here. Whichever way you look at it, those of us who are guests in Switzerland have to fall in line with them, the longer you stay here the easier it becomes to do so. I feel you would find more help back in the UK, especially if you are as depressed, lonely and have as many issues as you claim. I lived in London for 20 years and know first hand moving to a new city is never easy and very lonely so finding the right support system and friends is mega important. Moving to a completely different country and having to give up work in my mid 50s was an alien thing for me, but I've found the ways and means to enjoy life here.

However, if you are perhaps someone who is just posting dubious stuff on this board for fun, then I would perhaps consider moving on elsewhere. People here have given you an awful lot of advice that you seem to choose to ignore and their energies would be better spent on newcomers who will be really grateful for the expertise the long term posters on this board can offer.
Yup same thoughts I had too... few of his stories make sense or are consistent so I think he is either a fantasist, attention-seeker or troll.

Plus, we once had a very famous ex-member called Justin who spent a lot of time and effort making multiple accounts with threads not completely dissimilar to these where he was pretending to be multiple different people...

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Thank you, Cherub, for taking the trouble to read Justin's posts, and for your gentle but firm post. I agree that Justin's posts seem inconsistent. This could cause many people simply to walk away from trying to help him, and I completely get that. Maybe he's simply, as you say, "posting dubious stuff", and it is difficult to know. The reason I'm still around on this thread is just in case, just in case, Justin's all for real.

One of the effects of depression can a confusing tension between knowing that one ought to be getting one's matters organised, but lacking the drive to just do it.

One of the possible consequences of severe trauma (as he says he had, from being almost killed in an assault to his head), is exactly this odd kind of mixed message. On one hand the sufferer can become emotionally vulnerable and genuinely needy. On the other, dismissing and rejecting advice and help can [at least temporarily] seem to restore a sense of at least some autonomy.

Unfortunalely, that's circular, and I think the only way to actually progress is to face the need and dare to take on someone's suggestions/help, at least in one area of one's life. Then, that can start, to make things better.
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Yes, this. We just don't know how real or how troubled or how trolling Justin might be.

If the inconsistencies in Justin's posts bother you (that's the impersonal "you", i.e. "anyone"), then you could just stop reading his threads. I agree with Susie-Q, let's please not bash the guy. Not at all, because it is rude so to do, even if he's trolling. But more especially because if he is for real, then he is clearly in serious need... of something... we just don't really seem to know what, exactly, would bring about any positive change. Thank you.
Wow doropfiz, you really are the absolute queen of Bliss Ninnies.

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