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Re: Terrified going to the new job

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NotAllThere member was right when said: "...Do not trust your employer too much - the way your co-workers behave may be a reflection of the nature of the boss. The fact that you are obliged to effectively do unpaid work in a toxic environment shows already that the boss isn't a good person."

I've submitted simple version of Kündigung. Had two versions prepared. One with 7 days notice period and another with current date. Then I've asked the boss which one she prefers and told her I strongly prefer the immediate one.
She said she was very pleased to have me working with them, but she has to accept. She said I don't have to work upcoming 7 days if I don't want to.

Stating that I was thrilled is an understatement.

That being said, she is aware vaguely there is mistreatment of elderly (often invalid in vulnerable states) clients taking place, various shadiness in other aspects how the job been conducted by my coworkers, sabotaging of results, writing false work times, etc...but she showed no interest to learn the specifics.

I'm happy to be free, but feel for the elderly clients, who are all the sweetest, thoughtful people, always addressing us by name with the smile on, always having quality snacks/water bottles for us.

Couple of my swiss friends suggested to report the company, but I'm simply scared as life thought me it's wise to just avoid people who lack conscience and remorse.

Btw, had very limiting L permit five times now and the reason behind taking these type of jobs is not being able to get a permit so I can do my actual freelance profession as an artist. It worked for me for 25 years perfectly (financially as well) but not in the country which is otherwise the most compatible for my lifestyle. I have to admit though, practicalities, especially those of administrative
nature are not my forte��

Thank you for all great advise and clarity I've received not only in this thread but on this amazing forum in general.
I would say your co-workers and your boss are certainly not Swiss born? As a guess import workers from East Europe
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