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Re: Cost of installing charging units for electric cars?

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kW, NOT kWh!

kWh is the charge, not the charge rate.

Anyway, 11kW is 50A. 50A x 50chargers = 2500A!

(2500/3 = 833A if 3P charging)

You will need your own substation for that!

Which would make 300K total costs very cheap.

However it is very unlikely that all 50 stations can deliver 100% at the same time. I would not be surprised if the simultaneity factor would be capped at for example 25%

However it has to be asked how it all will be implemented, if there will be a new connection to the network for this will only car owners pay the steady monthly costs, or do all split, meaning there are also monthly costs involved using it or not.

As for knowing the usage per user, that is the easy part. Either everybody gets the connection behind their own meter or the stations can send the values to a central computer. What also might be nice to know is if one can lock the stations to prevent the neighbour charging while being on holiday.
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