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Re: Cost of installing charging units for electric cars?

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Why would you install 50 charging stations? Shouldn’t the ones who have electric cars pay for there own installation ? The people in your housing association need hobbies.

But being serious, the garage is covered by a Gestaltungsplan, as are our houses. Any changes I make to the exterior of my home, or to my parking spaces, need the approval of the other owners. We are quite restricted to what we can do on our own.* Hence the only way to get many things done is to do them as a group.

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Do you have a copy of one of the offers, so we can see what is actually included in the price?

With 50 charging points, you need some sort of management solution in place.

I would assume that is driving up the cost.

All I have at this stage is a broad concept outline, and costs that 'muss abgeklärt werden'. I assume more details will be forthcoming prior to the meeting.


This has been an interesting exercise. Electric cars make sense if one has a truly stand alone property with truly stand alone infrastructure making installation easy.

But what this exercise seems to suggest is that the push for electric cars everywhere could run into some serious barriers, as the majority of people in Switzerland, even owners of individual homes, have some kind of infrastructure-sharing aspect to their properties. Neighborhoods like mine were built (in the 80s) on the idea of maximizing individual home space by sharing some non-living space infrastructure.

Not to mention the whole grid capacity question. Interesting times ahead.


All I can say is: I own my own home because I could not stand to live sharing laundry facilities. If electric cars mean that we'd be forced into a laundry-like rota for charging our cars..

* I was naive when buying this house. I saw a nice house with land, coming from a very different, individualistic my-home-is-my-castle experience of home ownership I really did not understand the full impact of what the Gestaltungsplan/owner association could mean.

I had of course asked the sellers and estate agent and Gemeinde about the Gestaltungsplan and HOA. All blithely said 'Oh, the association just makes sure the garage is cleaned, aside from that you can do what you want...' Live and learn. Hence why many of my posts wrt buying in Switzerland emphasize not trusting a word anyone says - do your own research.
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