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Re: Swiss launch of the Porsche Taycan - also one for the starwars fans ;)

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The biggest issue I have with Tesla, and the reason I didn't get one last year, is I can't see Tesla has a long term future, they hemorrhage money, at some point people are going to want their cash back or say enough is enough, if they start to have thousands of warranty claims due to failing batteries after 7 years (they are covered for 8 right?) then its game over, and the less said about Elon's mental state the better.

I always got the impression Elon hoped someone like ford or toyota would buy the company out long before now.
I had the same concern. And I also agree that the build quality should be better. But I went ahead and bought one anyway (I'm still not in love with it; it will always be an American car (no offence, BB2 ). The sky-high capitalisation of the company and the massive manufacturing expansion that has already taken place and that is additionally underway will make a huge difference to Tesla's ability to satisfy demand and make money (which they've actually just started to do).

What I think we will see is even more focus on the mass-market, cheaper car: Models 3, Y and the rumoured 2, with the S and X being discontinued (which means that in 65 years' time my Model X, produced in relatively low numbers and with its funky doors, will obviously be worth at least as much as this Mercedes Benz 300SL gullwing). It wouldn't be a bad idea for Tesla to produce an electric motorcycle with a decent range, too -- there is currently no competition whatsoever. Same goes for speedboats.
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