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Re: Swiss launch of the Porsche Taycan - also one for the starwars fans ;)

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According to the link I shared earlier the Taycan is good for it in real life testing (granted in California with milder weather, but there’s seemingly over 100km of wiggle room).
I saw that and... don't believe it. Nothing directed at you, of course, but throughout winter we have been getting around 310 km (sometimes a bit better) from our Model X, which has a claimed (WLTP -- which is supposed to be conservative@!) range of 507 km. That's on the motorway, so the worst possible conditions for range maximisation, and in cold conditions, but without any aggressive driving (it's not me driving ). It's the same story with every EV: it's very hard to replicate the WLTP figures, especially at high speeds.

Tootling around an urban circuit at around 50 km/h (if I remember correctly from the article) in SoCal conditions (i.e. ideal for EVs), you'd have a much better chance of equalling or exceeding the WLTP range. Even the Tesla Model X can achieve 655 km, apparently, if all the conditions align perfectly. (The same website suggests that a Taycan turbo S could achieve 535 km under ideal conditions -- but that drops to 275 km at -10°C with the heating on.)

Unfortunately, Southern California just isn't the real world for most of us.