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Re: Family Reunification

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No, we were both living in Switzerland on independent permits for a while (I had a C already, my wife still had a B) and then married here. They actually tried to make my wife's permit dependent on my C permit after the marriage but we successfully pushed back. She'll get her own C next year anyway.

It's not illegal per se, but expect the migration and labor offices to push back against it because it certainly not common and unnecessary from their point of view. Also expect pushback from any prospective employer because an independent non-EU hire is a truckload of headache for them while hiring a person on a dependent permit is effortless. Maybe retain a lawyer to talk to the authorities if you find a willing employer.

But that's only if your wife finds a job after she switches to a family reunification-based permit. I don't see any problem with pursuing both simultaneously or better yet, waiting for a bit with applying for reuinifcation if there's a prospective offer on the horizon for her (getting all the approvals for an independent non-EU hire can take months, so don't delay the family reunification for too long).
Thank you for your great input NichtsBesonders!

So, if the current employer would be willing to do the non-eu process, and if in worse case it is denied, we can still do the family reunification, right? So there is no hard limit on the amount of times (with different paths) a permit can be denied after which there is no possibility to apply again?
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