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Non EU-PhD at Swiss uni-on RAV with a job seeker's L permit-Extension/alternatives?

*I've read a lot of posts about permit issues but nothing recent fits my exact situation and I know the laws have changed in the last few years, so here goes*


1) I'm a non-EU citizen and did my PhD (Life Sciences) at Uni Zurich. I had a B permit (Ausbildung mit Erwerbstaetigkeit) that I renewed annually during my studies.

2) I defended in Sep 2019 and my work contract was terminated then. Still had 3 months left on the B permit. Signed up with RAV. I'm eligible for 400 days of benefits.

3) Applied for a permit extension in Dec 2019 as the B was expiring. Got an L permit (Aufenthalt zur Stellensuche) for 3 months. (I'm assuming they counted the previous 3 months I had on the B towards the 6 month job hunting allowance for students, but I'm not sure.)

4) Still unemployed as of now.


1) Is it at all possible to get the L permit extended on the basis of being eligible for 400 days of RAV benefits?

2) Would the L permit be extended if I was doing an internship? (Not BNF-I'm not eligible for it on the L and couldn't start it while the B was still valid because I didn't have approval yet from the ALK)

3) Is there anything I could do to help potential employers? So far I have ZERO responses, and I suspect the L permit is at least partially responsible. Maybe I could go to a lawyer and get some kind of certificate saying that the employers would get help with work permit applications if they hire me or something?

4) I will apply for a permit extension anyway, because I might as well try. What case could I make that would be even remotely convincing? I'm non-violent and speak German (B2.2), but I had to be signed off due to illness for 2 full months while on RAV and I'm worried that the lack of job applications during this time will count against me. Or maybe they take pity if I plead that I couldn't take advantage of the full time period given? Thoughts?

5) What's the procedure if they deny the extension and I still don't have a job? Any sense appealing? Do I get a grace period to wrap up and leave? At what point would the officials show up with handcuffs?

I have already asked every official I could think of (RAV counselor, migration office, employment office, uni admin) and didn't get a clear answer from anywhere, so I'm hoping to learn from personal experiences on here. Thank you! =)

*PS: I've heard the "just go to Germany" advice already, but as long as I'm still here I'd like to try whatever I can =). Getting married is sadly not an option.
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