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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Does anyone actually still believe that Boris is trying to negotiate a Deal with EU.

I don't.

Nope. I think he's partying in his pants at No 10, delighted with being the winningist politician that there ever was.

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Let's assume your point of view is not totally wrong, but you should already know that many jobs are not wanted by the locals. And not necessarily because the pay is low (which is not always the case, by the way) but because that specific work is really hard and/or requires some training or specific skills that people have no desire to retrain for. How do you solve these problems?
I would like to hear about viable solutions....

This. Also, a lot of work is geographically tricky: if the farm work is miles away from public transport, or you have to be in the fields (I have no clue) at 5am but your childcare inaccessible until 7.45am, what can you do?
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