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Importing a 9x19 gun in Italy with European Firearm Pass

I was wondering if, having a 9x19 gun in Switzerland with an European Firearm Pass, it is possible to import it temporarily in Italy for few days of target shooting (given that in Italy 9x19 semiauto pistols are banned).

The only good reading on this topic that I found is 91/477/CEE, which is pretty old. From what I understand from articles 12.1 and 12.2, to import such gun in Italy I would need an explicit Italian authorization marked on my EFP, since the exception of "free pass if you have a valid reason" in 12.2 does not apply, since these firearms are banned in Italy.
But I don't know who would be an Italian entity that can release such an authorization.

Does anyone have an yexperience with this by chance?