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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

At least IDS is beginning to realise how difficult things are going to be ... (from The European)

''In an interview this week, Iain Duncan Smith - the former Conservative leader and prominent hard Brexit backer - made the staggeringly original observation that the UK hasn't done a trade deal in 40 years, and is now trying to complete one with its largest trading partner in just ten months.

There are issues with doing that, he realised. "One of them is the quality of the people now working on this," he said. "If you haven't negotiated for 40 years you need to reach out to all those people that are involved in negotiations, really good transactional lawyers that exist in the City of London. Proper trade economists. We've got very good ones at the moment but we need to bring them in from outside."

The UK is privileged to be gifted with men of the intellect and foresight of Iain Duncan Smith in their parliament, who realise a mere three-and-a-half years after voting to leave the European Union that we will need expert help to negotiate with it.''

It will be hard to find those people, because any very qualified and experienced negotiator out there knows it can't be done- and has been warning about this from the very start. The most stupid thing the 'electorate' was told was 'we hold all the cards and they need us more we need them' -
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