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Applying for naturalization with a history of parking/traffic offences

Hey everyone,

I will soon be eligible to apply for Swiss citizenship, but I am hesitating to do so, and am looking for some advice.

During a period of several years while I was living here I had some fairly severe mental health problems (with doctor's note, arręt de travail, etc.) and during this period I accumulated several debts/unpaid bills, including small traffic-related offenses (parking tickets and minor speeding fines, never more than 5 km/h over the limit).

The late payments were not due to lack of funds, but due to lack of ability to do pretty much anything. This was not the best period of my life.

My problem is that during this period of unwellness I was hardly even capable of using a computer. So a 40.- CHF parking or speeding fine became rappels (reminders), and second reminders, and even registered letters for a bill of 270.-, which included the original 40.- CHF fine plus late fees, admin fees, etc.

In the end everything has been paid in full and I'm pleased to report that I'm happy and healthy, but I'm deathly afraid that my history will pose a problem should I decide to become a Swiss citizen. Late fees for an electricity bill are one thing, but late bills for a fine from the police are another. I've always lived in the same place since I arrived, so the police know that I've had all these late payments. I've never had a poursuite, just inexcusably late payments for minor traffic offenses.

Does anyone know exactly what information is taken into account by your commune/the police when it comes to traffic offenses and late bill payment?

Vielen dank en avance
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