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Re: The Europeans not extending any welcome to Syrians

Yep he and the refugees both know that if they keep pushing at the gates with enough people and some sad looking kids on the frontline it is a matter of time before the gates will open. Most likely Millions or hundreds of thousands of people at a minimum who want to pass the gates, from a country that keeps denying it has any case of Corona which is utterly unlikely and the refugees very likely have their own demand for medical care in a time where our health systems already face what might become their biggest challenge in a century.

I tend to say just drop supply's with airplanes in Turkey a few km from the border and shoot those who have overrun the gates. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses, but the European leaders in large majority think that talking is going to solve this...
Totally in agreement that there is no reason to take them in, but I’m not sure we can get away with “shooting” people.