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Re: Swiss Child being kicked out of the country because the father rejects his respon

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The father of the son refused to see him and participate India growing and education, I receive a small amount for food and I would like to have some help about Swiss laws and parental obligation .
A short introduction
Brazilian Mother
Swiss father
Never married
The child is recognized and have all the Swiss documents .
Im here since December and was a very big fight to put my son in school because the immigration says , that because his father don’t whant contact my son is not allowed to stay with me in the country .
So first the father reject and now a holy country ???
Someone who understands about law can give some informations ?
Please send me a inbox if can help .
Dificult explains the home situation here .
But basically is this , my son wants his father looks after him and have responsibility, a legal process can obligate visits ?
The line a Swiss citizens don’t have the right to fora and go Schöll in his country ?
Hi Luna,

Your message is not very clear and people would need more information from you to understand your situation. I take it you used an online translator.

How old is your son and for how long did he live in Switzerland with you before and when?

Is your child a Swiss citizen i.e. does he have a Swiss passport? If not, can he get the Swiss citizenship so he would be allowed to stay here regardless of his father's behaviour? This is a question some people might know how to answer.

I have no idea if he has a right to the Swiss citizenship based on the fact that he is a recognised child of a Swiss citizen. If he has, his and probably your situation might change. You too might get a Swiss residence permit based on that, but I am not sure.

Could you get in touch with people from your home country who are also living in Switzerland and know better how things work here? They might at least help you with translating a petition and with addressing it to the right institutions? Migrants' rights are often overlooked because they lack language skills and don't know where to address their questions/petitions/complaints.

You made the first step - asking on a public forum, but you really need to ask the Swiss competent institutions!

Good luck, hope someone else here can be more helpful.
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