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Re: PhD Student Moving To Neuchatel

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Hi, welcome to the forum

I finished my PhD in Neuchâtel on 2017. It's a nice place provided you like wine Which PhD program will you follow?

The SNF PhD income is enough for a couple, if I remember well the lower limit for the family reunion permit is around 3000 CHF net per month. The only habit I had to change with the PhD income and Switzerland was to eat less meat.

On the tax side, PhD students are not exempted from any tax or social contribution: you pay unemployment & invalidity insurance, contributions to your retirement savings, etc. Sadly, NE has the highest income taxes in Switzerland. Lots of people on unemployment benefits, someone has to pay for it.

For your husband, zero French is quite complicate in NE. There's the Philip Morris R&D Cube where English may be sufficient. Also, a lot of people live in NE while commuting for work in Bern, Lausanne or Biel. Neuchâtel has lots of picturesque sites to live, but the job may require to live close to a well connected train station.

PS. I keep going every year to caves ouvertes (open cellars) of winemakers every year on May. This year is on May 9th.
Thanks for your reply! I'm currently going to do the PhD in Management (specialization in Marketing) at the UniNE.

I've already done some computation and our net income per month should be around 3500 - 3800 CHF (based on the annual gross at 70%). Many people have told me that this is doable in Neuchatel as it is quite cheap compared to other cities. Would you have the same opinion, particularly in your experience living as a couple?

Did you experience any difficulty with the visa/family reunification process/residence permit? Was your wife able to get Permit B with full working rights? Does immigration look at net or gross salary for the family reunification visa? And what do you mean delays? My husband and I are planning to come at the same time (as him being in Dublin means costs will be doubled).

I understand that French is needed and my husband is willing to learn! Just wondering what other options he has around Neuchatel like temp jobs such as waiter, etc. while he is still trying to learn and improve his French? How long did it take your wife to get a job?

Sorry if I have so many questions