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Re: Garden damage - responsibility?

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Sorry to hijack the thread.

On the subject of trampolines my kids want one. I don't. I've got plans for that corner of the garden.
Additionally, we get on well with our neighbours.
Unanimously, they have all complained that the previous occupants were incredibly noisy and we're not.

If we get a trampoline, we'll inevitably get all the neighbourhood kids around every afternoon and at the weekend and the uncontrollable noise that comes with it.

Am I just being mean?

With all the high winds we've been having recently, the thing blowing away would be a big concern - and due to the landscape, a flying trampoline would probably end up on the road - on a car.

Of course, having seen this thread, I'll make sure we are insured.

So, if we did get one, can they really be anchored securely against wind.
Are they more trouble then they are worth?
You can put as much sandbags on the legs as you please, so yes they can be properly secured.
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