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Re: No more travel to the US!

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My travel to US was not for a carefree vacation. Now I am left with the choice of whether to travel anyway, and take the risk of picking up the virus and transmitting to my family member with a compromised immune system, or staying here and risking not seeing her before the worst might happen. I am also not sure that I will get to her anyway even if I go, as the news mentioned being re-routed to certain airports for screening and perhaps quarantine. This morning I am filled with worry and stress over the right course of action.

I am in the same position as my Mom was just placed into hospice care yesterday afternoon. I found out about it last night and had planned to change my flight from next Thursday to Saturday or Sunday. I read that the CDC quarantine for Tier 3 countries is mandatory and not elective but perhaps they will clarify this in the next 24 hours.

I hope so!
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