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Re: Swiss Child being kicked out of the country because the father rejects his respon

This post is about your son's status.

He is Swiss. Therefore, he can ALWAYS live in Switzerland, and no-one can ever stop him from doing so.

He is a minor. Therefore, he ALWAYS has to have parental authority over him. Or, if the parents are not there for him, then he will be given government authority over him. This will go through the KESB (Swiss government child protection agency).

If the father does not want to care for the boy, he can ALWAYS refuse. The Swiss government might find ways to make the father pay for the boy. But they cannot make him see his son, they cannot force him to take an interest in him, and there is no way at all to make the man care for the boy, if that man does not want to do so.

While you, as mother, are in Switzerland, and the boy is in Switzerland, you have the parental authority.

If you leave Switzerland because
  • because you choose to, OR
  • because the Swiss government will not give you a permit to stay,
and if you then leave your son in Switzerland,
then the KESB will arrange a foster family for him, or put him in a children's home.

You could choose to take the boy with you, back to Greece or Brazil.
However, be aware that
  • if the father does not give permission for you to remove the boy from Switzerland,
you will HAVE TO leave the boy here.

One might ask: Why would a father, who does not want to see his son, prevent the son from leaving Switzerland?

This is done, sometimes, by a father who knows that the Swiss systems will take care of the child.

In particular, if the father is Swiss and living in Switzerland and does not have a lot of money
  • perhaps has a Disability Pension and needs top-up benefits, or
  • perhaps lives from the Swiss Social Security,
it be financially better, for the father, if he lets the Swiss government pay for the foster family or the children's home.

This can be cheaper, for the father, than having to send money for the child, each month.

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