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Re: Swiss Child being kicked out of the country because the father rejects his respon

This post is about your your status.

The Swiss government distinguishes between
  • Swiss
  • EU and
  • non-EU.

You are non-EU.

They also distinguish between people who are living abroad, and people who are already living here.

Do you have a current Swiss permit to be here?
If yes, do you still have some time before it expires?
If not, what is your current Swiss status?

The Swiss government - in looking at your application to be allowed to stay here - does NOT consider "I am the mother of the boy!" as a primary reason to let you stay here.

The big, big, big questions of the Swiss immigration authorities are:
  1. Do you have a criminal record?
  2. Can you show that you will not need to claim Swiss social security benefits?

Factors that are regarded to show that you are financially autonomous and are likely to integrate into Switzerland include:
1. proof that you earn enough to support yourself (and possibly also your son) with
  • an employment contract for a permanent job, OR
  • many employment contracts for smaller part-time or temporary jobs which add up, OR somtimes also accepted:
  • many efforts made on your part to find work and to prove that you are very likely to find work (one of these is education, another is learning the local Swiss language).

2. proof that you have already made progress in learning the local language, since your arrival, and that you are taking a German course, and speaking German to people here whom you already know

3. proof that you have taken the necessary steps to get your son into school, including your contacts with school-teachers, and a letter from the school

4. proof of stable accommodation, i.e. a
rental contract for yourself and your son

5. your papers in good order, with all the correspondence with the Swiss authorities. You must reply to every letter they give you... even if your reply is only "I have received your letter and am trying to collect the information you have asked of me, and will reply soon."
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