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Re: EF Community Corona Helpline

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Here you go LiB:

Sorry link in German
People over 65 and those with illnesses should stay at home and avoid crowds, the Federal Council advised when declaring a state of emergency. Immunologist Beda Stadler therefore urges supermarkets to come up with "sensible and creative solutions".
"You can't just lock up the elderly like in prison now," he says. Shops should therefore introduce separate opening hours for people at risk. "By Monday morning, most of Saturday's viruses are dead. Then the supermarkets could open their stores only for senior citizens and at-risk patients," he suggests.
Australian chain shows how
According to Stadler, such opening hours are necessary because these people also wanted to remain as independent as possible. "In addition, not all people in the risk group can rely on the help of younger people." The situation is further aggravated by the fact that some senior citizens have to struggle with the technology when ordering online.
The idea is already being implemented abroad. The Australian supermarket chain Woolworths has been opening its stores only for senior citizens and people with disabilities from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. on Friday morning since today, Tuesday to Friday. Senior citizens will be admitted if they provide appropriate identification. Such opening hours are also to be implemented in Ireland, Great Britain, Norway and Belgium.
"Take virus spread very seriously"
Separate opening hours are of interest to major Swiss distributors. "This is conceivable and has already occurred on several occasions. But nothing has been decided yet," says Migros media spokesman Marcel Schlatter. The fact is that Migros wants to show solidarity with the risk group. Migros takes the spread of the coronavirus very seriously and works closely with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).
According to Schlatter, compliance with hygiene measures, social distancing and intensified, conventional surface cleaning offers effective protection against human-to-human transmission. "According to current scientific knowledge, transmission of the pathogen to humans via food is unlikely. Food, including that from open sales, can be consumed without hesitation.
Schlatter notes that stores are currently cleaned and disinfected several times a day. "Especially contact points such as self-service checkouts and shopping baskets and carts." So that all customers could clean their hands, Migros will be making disinfectants available in the coming days. Coop has taken similar measures. "In addition, conspicuous distance lines will be placed on the floor in front of the cash registers," says media spokeswoman Rebecca Veiga.
"Small films of droplets"
Some customers fear that there are viruses lurking in the store - on touch screens as is usual with scales. However, Stadler does not classify these as sources of viruses. "There are probably little films of droplets on the screens, but these fly to the ground within seconds."
Stadler recommends keeping a distance of two metres when shopping. "One should behave like the old, distinguished English." Anyone who pulls their collar over the tip of their nose when shopping or even dares to go into the shop only wearing ski goggles and a ski helmet is not directly protecting themselves from viruses. "Instead, you simply create distance, because then people don't want to get too close to you anyway," he says with a wink.

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