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Good evening EF!

I arrived in St Gallen on Tuesday and I've been staying in a hotel that I am checking out of tomorrow.

I will be moving into my new flat and I was expecting the removals van to be arriving tomorrow.

The removals van will now not arrive until the 25th March (hopefully!).

Can someone tell me where I can buy some bedding in the meantime. A duvet (or blankets), a pillow and some sort of mattress will suffice!

I have seen in Aldi there are cushions for deck chairs, that may well do until my things arrive.

All help is very welcome and much appreciated.

Kind thanks,
If you have a car there are some EF'ers looking to get rid of all their stuff. Else if stores are closed of have such section locked of, you might want to look on tutti or FB is somebody wants to get rid of a couch in your neighbourhood.
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