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Re: Fired under Corona virus crisis

First, take a quick look as the Swiss civil code, title 10 - the employment contract (articles 319 to 362)

Now a short list on the things you're entitled to in the order of articles:

Art 330 letter of reference : the employee may at any time request from the employer a reference concerning the nature and the duration of the employment relationship, the quality of his work and his conduct.

Art 331 2nd pillar : At the request of the central office for ‘Pillar 2’ (occupational pension) insurance, the employer must supply any information available to him that might facilitate the location of persons entitled to dormant assets or of the institutions that manage such assets.

Art 335 End of employment relationship : The party giving notice of termination must state his reasons in writing if the other party so requests. So you're entitled to a letter explaining why you were fired.

Art 335c End of employment relationship, notice periods: The employment relationship may be terminated at one month’s notice during the first year of service, at two months’ notice in the second to ninth years of service and at three months’ notice thereafter, all such notice to expire at the end of a calendar month.

How long have you been working there?
  1. Less than a year: if you get the written notification tomorrow you're entitled to your salary until 30.04.2020
  2. 2 to 9 years, salary until 31.05.2020
There are more articles, but I think the most important is the notice of termination in written from your employer (needed for unemployment benefits) and clarify until when you get paid even if you don't go to work.
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