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Re: Buying ETF's in Euro to create Ray Dalios Allweather fund allocation

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#1...Not sure why you want to replicate this portfolio...
#2..If you live in CH then it is better to convert CHF to USD and invest in USD. USD is a world reserve currency. it ain't going anywhere...
#1 The allocation has much stronger performance than S&P500 over the longterm due to compounding effect. The S&P's volatility is poison for the compounding effect (-50% is fatal). In this blogpost i have made an Excel that compares the performance of S&P500 and RayDalioAllweather with 10k over 90 years. S&P500 end with 2.8mill and Ray with 4.6mill. + Ray has very little volatility, so you could pull out at any time of the 90years.
Direct link to excel:
Link to blog:

#2 I agree with the USD currency. EUR or CHF won't be safer or better than USD. Only a small currency risk issue, but you just need to make sure you don't convert you money in a time where the currency conversion is bad. I go longterm so i always plan to have +-5 years to wait for better markets.

Let me know if i'm delusional or if i'm on the right track? I'm no pro investor.
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