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Re: Chilli Seeds online

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Hi Spinal, I'd be interested in seeing details of your setup for hydroponics. I've never tried this before...
I use what's called a Deep Water Culture (DWC), it's the least stable in terms of nutrients, but also the easiest/cheapest to setup.

Chillis seem VERY tollerant to fluctuations in PH and nutes, so they thrive in this.

What you need:
- plastic bucket with lid (ideally black or another opaque color)
- air pump (aquarium store)
- nutrients (most weed growing stores in CH will have ample supplies. I use the flora-series, floraGrow, florabloom and flora...something).
- little basket with some rock wool (aliexpress if you have time, otherwise weed grow stores have them too)

Method is very simple:
- make two holes in the lid - one for the basket and one for the air pump
- fill bucket with water, add some nutrients, put air pump stone in the water
- add seeds to the basket in the rockwool, put in the second hole and forget for a week or so

Every now an then (depends on how big the plant is) add water + nutrients.

That's pretty much it. The concept is simple - plants needs water + air + nutrients. The air pump oxygenates the water so that they don't drown.

I harvested (read killed) everything the other week in preparation for summer, but I may have some pics somewhere.

I actually started with one of these:

three years ago. I don't recommend them as the air pump is missing a pin... but if you have a hot glue gun, it's easy to correct the design flaw and the kit is a good starting option (and it's silly cheap). Also, the bucket is quite small, and I found that it was too cramped for more than 1 plant... 6 wouldn't fit there. That said, the size is perfect to fit on a windowsill.

EDIT: Here's a howto video:
He uses clay balls instead of rockwool, but it doesn't really make a difference. Anythign that allows the roots through while holding the seeds/plant would work.

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