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Re: Mountain Companies agree NO REFUNDS

Not sure why my Quote button doesn't always work. To reply to Mikers comment

"So it was airlines and holiday companies, who got together and agreed they wouldn’t refund any holidays or allow anyone to rebook any flights and just lose their money, you’d also be ok with it ?"

Comparing apples and oranges. Miker's comparison is based on refunds/ rebooking flights and hotels with a future start date. It is nearly the end of the season and pass holders have already reaped the majority of the benefit. It is a privilege to live in Switzerland with access to a season of skiing and lifts at a very reasonable price. Be grateful especially in these circumstances.

A truer comparison would be if someone had gone on a 3 week holiday but on day 19 after having a fabulous time, their holiday was forced to be cut short by a disaster such as an avalanche. They were able to fly home without extra cost but had to demand compensation for their lost couple of days from the small local hotel already suffering from the disaster.
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