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Re: Family reunification got rejected

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Hello, as I have France residence permit of France so is it possible to learn a professional course like elderly caretaker in Switzerland ? I have applied for German language course but it also got cancelled because of coronavirus outbreak. Currently I am in Switzerland (visa free stay). So do I need to apply for visa to enter Switzerland once my free visa stay expire? My husband is going to apply for Permit C next year. The immigration office says I can object their decision within one month, and we have to bear expenses fees also. So if I accept their decision and wait until my husband gets permit C , is it possible to apply for family reunion again?
So many questions going in my head and I found valuable answer in this group. Thank you
It does not matter if your husband has B or C, if there is not enough income to support the family than an appeal or new request for a permit for you will fail.
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