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Re: Family reunification got rejected

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Well done for trying to find out how to do things the right way.

I can see that English is not your first language. In case you don't understand what is written here, you might find "google translate" and "deepl" a help.

My first piece of advice is:
Not staying in Switzerland
Do not do anything which is against the Swiss law. Do not stay in Switzerland unless you are allowed to stay. That would be bad for your reputation before the immigration authorities. That would make them consider your next application less favourably.

Going home to France
France is home for you and your son now, because that's where you have your residence permits.

Check whether you and your son are still allowed to travel from Switzerland into France. I think you will be, because you and he have residence permits there. But please check how the French laws work for entering France during this Corona crisis.

Check whether the transport is running between Switzerland and Paris. Can you get a bus/train/plane to get you home to Paris? If yes, do this.

Make sure that you leave Switzerland before your "visa-free stay" is over. Don't take any chances. As the transport back home to France might be less available during the Corona crisis, you might need to plan to leave Switzerland a few days before the last possible day. Plan ahead. Don't leave this to the last minute.

EDIT: If you cannot return to France because
a) the corona emergency laws of France will no longer let you in and/or
b) there is no means of transport to Paris,
then - and only then, I think - you can apply for a temporary extansion of your visa-free stay. In this case, write to the Swiss immigration authorities and explain a) and b) and ask for a limited extension because of those reasons.

Education in Switzerland
You cannot take courses or do training in Switzerland unless you have a valid permit to be here. You do not have this permit, so, no, sorry, you cannot register to go to any school here. You will also not be given a permit for the special purpose of going to school here.

Learning German while you are living in France
This is a very good idea. It will be the best preparation for your life in Switzerland, later on. Do it now. I'm sorry that your German course was cancelled. I advise you to try to learn German online or by working though one or two chosen learning books. There are many encouraging threads on this forum about how to learn German. Practice every day.

Learning an employable skill while you are living in France
If you already have any professionable or marketable skill, try to get recognition of that in France. If you do not, then learning to be a carer would be good, as this is much-needed work in Switzerland. If you can find out whether such courses are available, and if you can do them while you are living in France, that would be a good route to take.

Your husband's C Permit in Switzerland
Next year already? That's very good news. He should make sure he knows all the requirements, and be sure he will fulfil them. If he cannot already speak, understand, read and write German, he should practice this now, and get the language certificate he might need for his C-Permit application, so that his application will be approved.

Your Permit in France
Make sure that you know all the requirments, and be sure to fulfil them. Do what the French government needs of you to keep that permit. First do what you must to do keep whatever stability you have in Paris.

Next, find out whether, with the type of French permit you have, you would be allowed to move to closer to the Swiss border. Don't try to make such a move during the corona crisis. But find out whether you can do it, later, and still keep your permit, and whether you could be sure of finding a job and still earning enough money to support yourself and your son. If you can, then at least when the borders are open again, it will be easier for you and your husband to visit each other.

Overall summary
When you return to France, you will not be allowed to return to Switzerland until the Corona crisis is over. The Swiss borders are closed for everyone who is not a) Swiss or b) resident (with a permit) in Switzerland.
BUT, take courage, the Corona crisis will not last forever. We do not know how long it will last, and we do not know how long it will take, afterwards, for government offices to be working normally. There will certainly be a delay in processing permits.

This means that, sadly, when you leave now, you might not see your husband for a few months. If your son is old enough, try to explain that to him, and how you and his daddy are going to keep in touch.

And AFTERWARDS (and take courage, there WILL be an afterwards), things will slowly get back to normal, and then you will, once again, be allowed into Switzerland for another visa-free visit.

And later, when your husband has his C-Permit, and especially once his financial situation has improved, you and he can apply for family reunification again. By then, you will be able to demonstrate, too, that you have already made progress in German, and are doing what you can to become more employable.
Thanks a lot. It really helped me to calm n think practically. I THOUGHT that if we accept immigration letter of rejection than we can never apply for family reunification again in LIFE. Itís a great relief than I can apply again for family reunification once my family situation gets better in future. (Husband finds better job and my German language and job). Greetings to you. Stay home stay safe
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