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Re: Travel insurance - Coronavirus-related

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Which is why I never ever had travel insurance (except the one that seems to come with mastercard but I never used it).

There are a few must-have insurances and any other is - throwing money out the window.
It all depends on what kind of holiday one takes, I once had my car break down, gave the travel insurance a call , they send a truck to pick up the car and they would send it back home and they send a cab towards a rental center where I could pick whatever was sort of equal on size and just send them the bill. When I came home after the holiday my car stoor repaired at my local garage.

On another accession I became ill and could not drive back, they just paid 5 more days hotel without asking questions.

Surely such comfort is worth something. Travel insurance is pretty cheap and great to have when needed across the border.
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