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Charging companies for "Aufwand" or an "administration charge" - as a private person?

Hi - slightly provocative question I know, but here goes.

I've had a few cases recently where companies have dragged their feet providing a service on time, or been veeeery slow to return money owed to me (think >6 months) or where I've spent significant amounts of time investigating/resolving/chasing up problems caused by them.

That got me thinking: One of the methods companies use to "punish" late action or charge for undue administrative burden placed on them, is to charge for "Aufwand" or an "Administrationsgebühr".

So, as a private person, can I likewise legally levy a similar charge against companies SO LONG AS I forewarn them I will bill them for such a charge if the matter isn't resolved, list the amount of the charge, and give them a stated (and fair) amount of time to resolve the issue?
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