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Re: Windsurfing in Switzerland (Neuchatel area)

From St Blaise sailing club is a good spot- but any place really. But do be careful - as Neuch lake is so close to the Jura mountains- conditions can be treacherous and catch those who do not know the area- often with a tragic end. As the weather cools up in mountains and gets denser, and it is still warm by the lake - it can VERY quickly create a vacuum- and very strong winds within minutes. So end of afternoon is the favourite time for keen, experienced windsurfers- as winds get stronger- but watch out for warning lights on the shore all along the lake- and don't ignore- get back to shore asap. That wind is called locally 'Le Joran' and it causes both physical damage to crops and buildings- but has also killed many over the years. Stay safe. (posts crossed BM). Because of the sailing club, lots of young windsurfers there- so a good place to make friends too.