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Re: Urgent...trainer needed for our small dogs

Try to contact EF member CherryTree, here:

She is a dog trainer, and I think also behaviorist, with a very good reputation.

She hasn't been on the forum for some months, so you probably should contact her through her professional website, which is linked in the above post.


In the meantime, are you keeping the dogs separate whenever unsupervised?

How are they on walks together, are they able to tolerate each other when outside your home, i.e., 'their' territory? This is something to look at, as it might help in diagnosing the dogs' issues and finding a way forward.

Also, while you are waiting for professional help, would you be able to film the two dogs together, both in quiet times as well as stressful? If you can do that, trying to get several films that might represent the typical day to day interactions, you could send them to a trainer to review, hopefully then the trainer could at least give you some emergency stop-gap ideas.


Since you mention that the way things are right now is getting unbearable, if you need a break, would you consider sending one or both dogs to a Pension for a short time? Normally I wouldn't suggest this,, but in such serious cases sometimes 'breathing space' can be a help, if only to get your stress levels down. A break from the stress could put you in a better frame of mind to tackle the problem afresh.

One in Switzerland that was recommended to me by the behavioral therapist working with my problem child Robin Goodfellow is NF Dogs Home in Bad Ragaz.

This was established by Nicole Fröhlich, a well known and respected behaviorist in Switzerland. You can also book various training activities with their staff during your dog's stay.

Of course you, the owner, need to be involved in behavioral training, but having the NF team assess your guy(s) could be helpful. I have found a multi-faceted approach is often needed.

I have not used NF Dog's Home with Robin, so I am only passing on a suggestion. But that they were the only place in Switzerland recommended as being appropriate for Robin - who is a very difficult dog - says a lot.

Once the borders are open again, I can recommend an outstanding place in Germany, Tom's Hundewelt, about an hour out of Basel.

This is where Robin goes when we have to travel, and we have Tom, also a trainer, work with him during his stay there.

A short stay at the right Pension might give you all time to breathe, relax, and re-group as you make your longer term plans and goals.


By the way, we are working with Dr Maya Bräm, a specialist in behavioral medicine:

Whether or not behavioral medicine is an appropriate approach in your case is likely a question for farther down the line. But if it comes to that, she is outstanding. She has, quite literally, saved Robin's life.

But as a first step do try to contact CherryTree.

I know what you are going through, and sincerely wish you all the very best.

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