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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Like everything else, the EU has its s**t together way better than the UK ever did in this virus situation. They didn't flip flop 10x back and forth between strategies and although every country needs to decide its own approach, the health ministers are on daily calls since the beginning and pretty much all EU countries follow the same approach of mitigation and flattening the curve.

Those Nordic countries who don't are the exception but with their superb healthcare systems and cultural traits of self distancing embedded in them for decades they had a much better chance of trying herd immunity than the UK's overcrowded metro cities and disintegrating health system. Not to mention population lack of discipline against any common sense precaution.

I'm tired of the EU bashing, I wish we throw them out without a deal and let them do whatever they want. We're headed there anyway, the EU should stop accommodating.

Everyone is sick of it.
And to think I was accused of UK bashing?!

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The EU isn't barely doing anything, except closing Schengen. Policies are set by individual countries who are policy-wise all in a triangle from Sweden (least restrictive), Italy/France/Spain (most restrictive) and Hungary (bye bye democracy).
Of course, even their ventilator program hasnít yet produced any ventilators and appears it wonít do so for some time. The EU actually now has a lot more on its hands than Brexit. The insufficient financial deal that was agreed after days of negotiations is just papering over the cracks. Thatís before they get to dealing with a disgruntled Italy and a Hungary that has given up on democracy. One wonders if the EU will even survive.
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