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Re: Employment for non EU/EFTA citizens

There are many, many unqualified people who do not speak a local Swiss language well, who manage to find work in Switzerland.

They can do this precisely because they have an EU citizenship, which allows them to enter Switzerland freely (not now, during Corona, but otherwise).

An EU citizen can show his/her passport at the border, and walk right into Switzerland, freely. If they succeed in finding a job then they will automatically be granted a permit to stay here and work here.

They do not have to prove any special skills, and their employer does not have to demonstrate any special search process. The only requirements are being able to earn enough to support oneself, (by the Swiss definition of "enough") so as not to need to claim social security benefits.

This is not a good route to take if one has a family to support. However, for a single person with EU citizenship, who wants a different life experience, and who is totally willing to live a zero-luxury life, at least to start with, in order to begin a new phase, this can be a good way to start out. With one full-time or several part-time jobs, doing unqualified work, such as cleaning or trash-removal, or helping out on a building site, it is possible to cover one's expenses, and live very frugally, and probably have no money to save. But still, one would be encountering new sides to life, be exposed to the language, and be able to work out how to improve one's situation. It can be done, by an EU citizen.

Even so, please remember that because of Corona the world has become very unpredictable. Employers here are struggling to find ways to keep their businesses going. They are having to dismiss staff. There are many more unemployed people here, now, than there were 3 or 6 months ago. This means that during the next few months, at least, and probably longer, there will be fewer chances for a newcomer without the local language skills to find work, even boring, low-paid, unqualified work.
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