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Re: Any other British or EU retirees who get Lamal insurance via Form S1

Indeed, you are right. So this would be our last resort. As Swiss basic insurance cannot refuse pre.existing conditions. So if there is no other way- this is what we will do. But if we can find a way to use S1 exemption- as the article quoted in OP seems to indicate- that would be amazing.

I am not asking for sympathy in any way, shape or form- but facts are facts. Until December 2020- we are covered by S1 just as we would be with basic Swiss health insurance. We have been told this would only apply to CH and UK, and not world wide, not even local EU. So if we have to subscribe to Basic Swiss Insurance, we will do. That, as you know, is very expensive- and not having to partly made up for huge drop in income level due to falling Sterling and strong CHF. It will also double insure us un-necessarily as we are fully covered in CH (where we are most likely to have any treament normally) and in the UK when we are there.

All I am asking here- is if there are others in the same situation who would like to join us in investigating, via all possible avenues- as the case quoted seems to give a possible avenue. Thanks.

FMF- you are very lucky to be covered by Bupa. OH has had a life threatening condition from the age of 23 - and was not expected to live to 50. He has since had other life-threatening conditions- he would never ever have been able to get Bupa- and neither would I after my terrible car crash aged 19. At 74, with his medical history, he would never be able to get Private Insurance - do you believe he should therefore stay at home and knit socks, perhaps?
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