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Re: Any other British or EU retirees who get Lamal insurance via Form S1

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I have been paying BUPA since 1/1/1983, before my 19th birthday & continued paying whilst I had to pay Swiss health insurance, not that lucky!

You can apply for Swiss health insurance being a Swiss resident resident, you just don't want to pay for something that you have had for free for over 40 years, it's your choice, you are not trapped at all.
Well yes, I can see your point with Bupa. OH was a medical student, from a very modest family- until he qualified in 69. In 68, he nearly died, due to a condition which was a direct consequence of very long hours and stress. So even if he had wanted to join Bupa- he could never have done. It was almost impossible to get a mortgage, and we had to pay huge extra sums all our life for that reason. Mind you, he wouldn't have wanted to- he was 100% dedicated to the NHS- and the first thing he did when he became Senior Partner- is to get rid of the large and lucrative Private practice acquired by his previous partners. Not sure you would understand why- and this truly does not belong to this thread.

So- if anyone finds themselves as said above 'falling between 2 stools' then do get in touch- thanks- I truly feel studying this case would be interesting, and possibly very worthwhile. Stangely enough, the firm who won the case, is the same firm that did the Conveyancing for our house purchase 12 years ago.

Of course moving back to the UK is an option. We have a property there- we have daughters and grandchildren there and fabulous friends. If I ever go back to the UK, it is because I want to- not because I am forced to - and to be frank, who would want to go back to UK at the moment. Not me, for sure. Thanks. Especially at a time when part of family might well move over here.