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Re: Any other British or EU retirees who get Lamal insurance via Form S1

It is to do with the new reciprocal agreements between the UK and Switzerland.
S1 will remain valid- but to CH and UK. S1 should give the same cover as those who are insured via Swiss Insurance- but we have been told it would no longer be the case and to get travel insurance to top up. The Travel Insurance product does not exist here in CH- we can't buy from UK as it would amount to fraud.

We re looking at the legal issues with S1 becoming limited to CH and UK. Very happy to get Travel Insurance, as we always have done- but we can't as it does not exist. And yes, there is a possibility that the only option might be to return to full compulsory Swiss Insurance- and therefore be covered 'twice' for CH and UK- in order not to be 'trapped'.

Simple enough, I'd say, apart that it actually seems to be very complicated.
Do get in touch, if you understand what I am saying and if you are in the same position. If not- why bother?
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