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Re: Any other British or EU retirees who get Lamal insurance via Form S1

We are indeed- and very very grateful. Your situation however is totally different- in as much as due to Swiss pension, you are not elegible for S1 exemption. As said, apples and oranges. And of course it is reciprocal - as Swiss OAPs in the UK get free NHS cover.

The point is, we were recently told that from December, this cover, outside CH and UK (NHS) would no longer be available and that we would have to buy Travel Insurance. Since then we have found that Travel Insurance as sold in Switzerland, would not cover us. Meaning that we would be totally trapped in CH or UK- with no chance at all to go to local France to shop or walk, etc. Not be able to drive to UK or take the train, not be able to go to Italy as we do every year- just trapped. We don't want to be, thanks.

This recent case may challenge this- hence our wish to pursue it and confirm it 100% sure.
Is it totally impossible for you to buy some sort of global travel insurance policy from the UK? I appreciate that normal policies wouldn't perhaps be applicable as you are a non-resident, but surely there is specialist cover for UK citizens who live abroad somewhere in the market.

I imagine any solution is likely to be expensive, but still maybe cheaper than basic Swiss coverage, which I understand would cover you. My sympathies with your difficulties.
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