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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Oh yes, I remember the days when I was a kid in the early 50s growing up in Switzerland- and we had huge groups of seasonal workers from Italy- men on their own, living in abject conditions - 6 beds or more to a room, and each bed used by 3 people on a shift system, no bathroom, the casy in a shed at the back, paid a pittance, with no rights, often working in very dangerous conditions, including dangerous materials - sent home if they became sick or injured, without pay. And treated like dirt, like animals ... Cheap, cheap they were- wonderful.
Nothing really changed in Europe since then. It's all unspoken of, but it's still there. Some roles have been reversed here and there, but treating seasonal workers badly is the norm. Those people don't live like that where they come from. They're making huge sacrifices for their families. They also need health and accident insurance, not to be sent back home when they're sick or unemployed.

And as pro-EU as I can (still) be, this is a thing I'll never be willing to just let it go.

As for the seasonal workers themselves, if you're unemployed or need those money to keep your family afloat, what would you do, Odile? I don't agree with freedom of movement during corona crisis though.

Besides, it's also the fault of these countries because they can't keep their much-needed workforce at home. Romania too (since you brought it up and it is my beloved country) has a chronic labour shortage, yet nobody/few is(are) willing to pay them the right salaries. This.

Our politicians just woke up recently saying we shouldn't discriminate the local producers. Now. In 2020. Because having unrestricted freedom of movement for goods/services means...basically exactly this. That we discriminate against own industries. Which in turn can't pay the workers properly or according to their expectations. But yeah... we all knew that. Way before they admitted publicly. Minister of Labour said she can't impede freedom of movement in EU or prevent people from getting a job where they wish. Riiiight. It's like this if you wondered. Very incompetent and complacent authorities who will be held responsible one day. It's just not the right time yet.

I don't see irony where you see irony because it was obvious (to me) that all the Brexit BS was just that - BS. I think not many people will come to the UK though, in spite of what media parades as post-Brexit "victories" - look, we can still get the people we need, Brexit is good!!. Those who will come now is because they really need those money and are taking the whole pandemic lightly. As if it was just a mass hysteria... As many do here on EF.

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