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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Leaving the EU doesn't stop us from hiring the people we need. Doesn't this just show that little has changed (and presumably will do even when we exit the transition period)? Obviously, trying to restrict fruit pickers coming here is just plain daft.

Its perfectly possible to be pro-brexit and pro-immigration. In my view its actually the more consistent position - the EU and its hangalongs is essence a protectionist block (just look at the immigration rules for Switzerland, and most other European countries...). Certainly it made a difference to me seeing the hoops my eminently qualified non-EU wife had to go through compared to an unskilled worker from the EU to stay in the UK. Surely its the equitable position to treat people the same regardless of where they come from. Can anyone really argue that the UKs proposed rules aren't much better than those they will replace?

For me, you can't really make a judgement on Brexit until a number of years after the event and see what direction we go in. If we go full on protectionist it'll be an unmitigated disaster. We could stay close to the EU, in which case not much will change. We could go in a less protectionist direction, in which case we should get richer.
Funny how certain people think any opinion that is even moderately anti-EU (and not at all nasty or unpleasant) warrants a groan having moved to a country that is characterized by (moderate) euroskepticism.

I don't remotely mind (I've had a lot lot worse), but its systematic of a wider attitude held in certain quarters that people who are not in favour of continued EU membership are either stupid or malevolent, and as such are objects of either humour or scorn. I came to Switzerland from London and there were a lot of very angry closed minded people there. Funny, as they ended up adopting the very attitudes they professed to dislike (anger, intolerance).

A bit like how a certain faction in the Labour party professed to have "kinder, gentler politics", yet put up posters threatening and demeaning voters - "if you voted tory you are a nonce" was one I saw. Thankfully the real labour people have taken back control of their party.

I don't expect people to agree with me - there were many good reasons to vote remain. However, a lot of the problem with modern politics is a lack of tolerance for people with different views from one's own and I think its important to challenge oneself when you get tempted to behave like this.

On this point, it's really uplifting that Switzerland has a grand-coalition of sorts and doesn't seem to engage in anglosphere style tribalism.

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