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Re: C Permit in case of separation/divorce

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If you received the C permit on your own and he's still on B then I *think* the authorities are not considering it to be based on him. You've also been here 10 years, not 5, which would be VINTA route or the route via family reunification. Does your C permit say something like "familienachzug" on it?

I'm fairly certain you can apply for citizenship on your own as well. You have a C permit, have been here 10 years, and speak the language. If he's not a citizen, then your naturalization application would be regular, not facilitated anyway. I don't even think you need to mention that you'd be interested in divorce at some point. Just that you want naturalization, he doesn't qualify, so you're doing on your own.
Thank you. The permit doesn’t say ‘family reunification’ but it does say ‘family member of an EU national, whereas the previous permit referred specifically to ‘reunification’ is an assuming that I have the permit based on my 10 years and fulfilling the criteria for a C permit, otherwise they would have said my husband must have it before I can apply.