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Re: Exporting our Car to the UK

Something else to think about, drive the car to UK and I cannot remember how long you are allowed to keep on foreign plates 3 or 6 months, providing you have relevant insurance, paid road taxes for country it is from and have current MFK. You could drive it back and sell it within time frame.

I would have thought the selling price for a car would be higher in Switzerland than UK, however COVID-19 has everything up in the air.

If you import to UK you will definitely need a Certificate of Conformity, the price for that will vary, could be a little as 20chf or as high as 200chf.

Headlights will need to be changed or adjusted to get an MOT do you know if they are adjustable or have to be replaced, do you know a motor mechanic who can advise you.

The stop light at the rear of the car might need to have position changed. I recall we did that on a car long time ago.

Speedometer for UK will need to be in MPH, if your is only in Kilometres, look on eBay or the like for replacement. Would be handy to have it in both, especially for resale later. Alternately hang on to the old speedometer so that when you go to sell, include it as an extra.

I will warn you car insurance is much HIGHER in UK for LHD

Car insurance in UK will vary depending on your location. Much is dependent on your postcode. I was shocked once, moving about a mile, 1.6Km, as my postcode changed and insurance greatly increased.

You can either arrange for professional company to ship your car, expensive, or drive it yourself if you have the necessary Swiss documentation, insurance, road tax and MFK.

You can get an MOT, on it whilst still on Swiss plates, they will log it on the chassis number. Tell them to do that, many garages will not know, a bit unusually. If it fails MOT, you cannot drive it on UK roads.

If you get an MOT and start the process to get it on UK Plates, for that period of time, the car must be off road. If you do not have a garage, drive way or private parking, look for friend who has, or hire one

You will need to get UK Insurance and again, as you will not yet have UK Plates, the insurance will give it on the Chassis number.

You apply to DVLA and send all documents off and pay for the Road Tax at same time. (do not put anything in the post without taking copies) If you succeed, they will send you back an updated MOT with the Vehicle registration number, as well as the V55 (vehicle ownership document). They send you letter so you can go and buy your number plates, 20 to 50, Halfords or the like will do it, you can either fit yourself or pay them extra to do it.. You should update your car insurance company.

Suggest you read up on the DVLA website for the forms you need. They no longer have offices you can walk into unfortunately.

You will need to return your Swiss car number plates and the ownership document to your area Vehicle office in Switzerland. Possible they will refund you any remaining road tax. It was odd how the year end happened and posting, we got a minor bill for a few days, that we promptly paid.

Resale UK, you will get used to find notes on your windscreen, asking if you want to sell. There is an African market always interested in buying LHD, but usually they are looking for a deal. Also there is the European market for buying.

Finally the ship /ferry to UK. Either from Calais to Dover or Dunkirk to Dover. Although Dunkirk is longer, we liked to have the break on the ship/ferry. Check in advance the prices, they do vary depending on time of day or night and if you buy when you turn up, much more expensive. Might be worth spending a night in France, where Motels are more reasonable priced. Helps after the stress of packing up and leaving Switzerland.

Good luck
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